Can You Attain Wealth in Real Estate – Those Who Tried Died, What About Now?

Due to the real estate bust and mortgage crisis melt-down the global economic climate was changed forever. Folks lost 40% or more of their equity and those who walked-away or were foreclosed on accelerated the damage to the real estate market. With so many people losing so much money and in this economic meltdown, many do not wish to talk about real estate right now.

If you are someone who does not want to hear about real estate investing right now, that is fine, but maybe you should read up on it a bit. The best time to buy real estate is at the bottom of the market, not the top. So, let me tell you about an interesting book you should own about real estate:

“Absolute Wealth; A Financial Strategy to Last a Lifetime” by Robert Leonetti; edited by Kleine Editorial Services; Published by Big Horn Investments, 2004

This book has advice from a gentleman who had made a fortune in real estate and he explains how he did just that. This is not one of those “get rich quick” books on how to buy up properties by paying off the delinquent property taxes or anything like that, this gentleman is not one of those late-night infomercial kinds that does real estate seminars and sells books, and thus, I am going to recommend this book to you.

I have no connection with this guy, do not know him, do not endorse him, but the information in this book is definitely good common sense with some very smart techniques and strategies that any can use who is interested in getting into real estate. So, please consider it for your personal library and put it on the financial shelf with your other investment books.